Stolen from Cassidy!!!


name: Keira/Max (Keira is if we just met, Max is if were close

nickname(s): Max,Princess,Love

zodiac: leo

current location: School

eye color: Hazel

hair color: dirty blonde

hair type: uhhh its short

what's your middle name?: Alexsis.Isabell,Elnora

your fear: Turning into my mother

first thing you thought when you woke up: Fuck Im not dead yet?

pepsi or coke?: Eww Neither

McDonald's or burger king?: neither. Taco Bell

what is the last song you sang?: ZODIAC

pet peeve: people saying im pretty when I know im not

do you sing?: yes.

do you want to go to college?: idk yet.

have you ever been in love?: Yes and it hurts

do you want to get married?: only if our love isnt FUCKING FAKE

do you believe in yourself?: fuck no.

do you believe in others?: FUCK YEAH!!

do you like thunderstorms?: Yes

do you play an instrument?: keyboard and guitar.

what country would you like to visit?: France

how many CD's do you own?: music: 165

how many piercings do you have?: 5

how many things in the past do you regret?: a lot..



radio station: 88.1

drink: Tea

car: i dont drive yet

place: Paris

song: In The Stars -Benson Boone

movie: Bratz or Nightmare Before Christmas

moment: in time? i liked when I knew what Love was

color: Black and Red

meal: Kimichi

do you think you are attractive?: NO

are you attracted to someone who does not know it?: yes.

who are you thinking of?: no one

what are you listening to?: nothing

do you love someone?: NO

does someone love you?: No

is it raining?: FUCK I WISH

how many spacehey friends do you have?: 14 

are you happy?: NO! 

more i added for fun:

favorite music artist: 

favorite song by aforementioned music artist: favorites are Boy Bi and Little Miss Perfect

aesthetic: cottagecore, weirdcore, nostalgiacore, dreamcore

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