been a while since ive done a school blog

i kept wakin up in da middle of the night [@ 1st bc my sister speak on the phone loud asf 2 her bf loud as all hell every night but then just bc?? i kept?? havin weird nightmarez??? like worse than usual,, i think itz cuz of school but idk

anyhowzerz roflmao that suked then i decied @ 533 am im done waking up just 2 go back 2 bed and be woken up again so i watched this 1 will toledo interview until i noticed it was 6 and actually time 2 get up and so i did and i smoked a bunch thru out the night and this mornin bc ive exams 2day and i put on my drugz w friendz shirt and my bubblegum and marciline heart pin and my car seat headrest pins and my herombe button all for good luck then i missed the bus and in the pitch black had to go rushing after it even tho my legs dont really work and i couldnt breathe the whole time, after like an hour the pain from my lungz stopped tho so thatz chill

my eng is goin great and im sure my bio exam will 2, letz juzt hope my little bit of geometry studyin doez me well :pray emoji:

wish me luck yall xP

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