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A quiz to get to know me(LGBTQ+)

1. Are you questioning still?

Yes. Here recently I've gone through a breakup and that has made me question everything from sexuality to gender

2. Are you in the closet?

Yes. Unfortunatly I have never fully left the closet(reasoning will be explained with next question)

3. Do you live in a transphobic and/or homophobic household?

Yes. My father is both and it makes it hard for me to be myself around him. I have a pride flag but I caught him trying to burn it one day.

4. Do you have any lgbtqia+ friends?

YES. Literally all but 3 of my friends are LGBTQIA+

5. Are you cisgender?

Definantly not.

6. If you’re comfortable with saying what’s your sexuality?

At the current moment my sexuality is undefined

7. If you’re comfortable saying what’s your gender?

I'm currently Non-Binary and Agender

8. What are your pronouns?

I use any pronouns but prefer Xe/Them

9. Have you heard verbatim by mother mother?


10. Do you like rainbows?


11. Any favorite lgbtqia+ musicians and/or band?

I really enjoy Girl in Red

12. Are you out to anybody?

No. I've just recently figured(partially) out who I am so I haven't had time to

13. Do you like frogs (not related but still)?

Yes I adore frogs

14. Have you ever cried to a Cavetown song?

No I don't know who that is ;P

15. Do you understand gay humor?

yes i personally love it

16. When did you realize you were lgbtqia+?

When I was around 2 years old. I didn't exactly fit in with the female catagory but didn't know what the LGBTQIA+ community was yet.

17. Do you want a platonic partner?

YES! Platonic romantic it doesn't matter. I just want to be loved

18. Are you aroace?


19. Have you ever been misgendered?

I've been misgendered since 2010 so 12 years of missgender(im 14 btw)

20. Are you amazing? (Cause you really are trust me)

at the moment no. I'm mentaly crumbling, school isn't helping, and I'm having a gender dysphoria and sexuality crisis :p ;-;

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