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men don't make any sense to me

zo here recently i was hit on at Krogers and the mall. I kept hearing the guys at Kroger say stuff about wanting a big tiddy goth girlfriend and that I looked like their best chance. They all(7 OF THEM) approached meh and started talking to me. They azked some really perzonal questionz that made me feel really uncomfy. They then asked about my mental health. if u know me or have been following my blogz for a while you would know that its NON EXISTANT. I tried to tell the guyz that and that i just broke up with someone but they wouldn't lizten. Zo my dad had to pull meh away.

The guy at the mall(only 1 thank god) was better about how to approach me. He came up, complimented my outfit and started making small conversation. we were hitting it off SOO good and he was 2 seconds from asking for my number and then my mom called me and said it was time to go. After we both said goodbye(HE WALKED ME TO THE CAR) my mom asked me who he was so i explained it to her. The next wordz out of her mouth shocked me "Do you wanna go back and get his number?" 

I SHOULD HAVE SAID YES BUT I WAS AN IDIOT AND SAID NO!! He was actually cute and sweet. AND I WANNA SEE HIM AGAIN!!! sure im looking for a gf but if he would have gotten my # and asked me out I woulda taken it

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