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The year 2021

When I think about the year 2021, I can’t figure out my exact feelings towards it. It’s not over yet, but everything that has happened during it I wish it was. Can’t determine if it was worse than 2020, cuz oofta that was a mess of a year. 

My life has been like a damn movie that you don’t want to watch but can’t turn it off either. Lost some important relationships in my life, reconnected with others only to lose them again cuz they suck. Spent 4 months of my life in a constant state of worry for no reason. Worse off in most aspects of my life than I have been in years. 

Yet, I’m feeling stronger in life. I don’t have the patience or energy for bullshit anymore. It’s one strike you’re out now. No back and forth. 

Hmm idk, 2021 has been a year…

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