intro to me <33

•nickname- wren or eren wtv u prefer •pronouns- genderfluid! •sex- female •sexuality- bi or pan not entirely sure just yet •single/taken/not looking- single 😭 •race/ethnicity/heritage- asian + white •nationality- yes. •height- 5'7 i think? •eye colour- light brownish •skin colour - light olive •hair colour natural/dyed - dyed black with a red hue (naturally dark brown) •hair type - short-ish? straight but i curly it so its fluffy all the time. •fav colour- sage green and light lavender •fav drink- boba :)) black tea, coffee jelly, and no ice •fav food- ooooo maybe ramen? or a classic grilled cheese. (im a vegetarian) •fav film- 13, prefect blue, howls moving castle, twilight eclipse, and maybe spirted away •fav show- ruby gloom, attack on titan, sk8 the infinity, high rise invasion, and inside job •fav crystals- rose quarts, malachite, and selenite (sorry if i spelled that wrong) • do you play instruments? - drums and guitar (still learning guitar) ive only worked on acoustic but im working on electric rn.

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