monday!!!! first day of 2nd semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got one new class and its fucking choir bruh

and i have to walk to the other school to go to it with a like 293849023804 pound backpack on me and my already asthmatic lungs

plus that stupid school smells like sweat, weed, and cigarettes (in a not good way)

and another bad part about choir is that theres only like 8 people in it (including me) so it would be so hard to fake singing brooo

and theres this one annoying girl in it who acts like shes best friends with the teacher and she confidently answers every question he asks (she got one wrong it was funny) 

i only know one person in that class bruh ugh

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pulling up to ur school

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pull up with a car so u can drive me to nchs everyday

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that girl sounds like ivey i hate her

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