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Working out

I've been wanting to start working out for a while now, like.. Lifting and stuff. It's really hard building that kind of habit, especially when you're the kind of person to play games, do art, etc. Basically, a sedentary lifestyle. Not moving around much. 
However, it's not like I *dislike* working out, or moving about. I quite like it, actually. I've just always had trouble with builkding habits. I've only recently gotten to a point where I'm showering and brushing my teeth every day. I'm even washing my face! Depression is a bitch, lmao

I think I'll just start with lifting and such, nothing too big, just something to get me out of bed and in the garage every morning.

If anyone has any advice on what to do, I'd love to hear it! 
Stay hydrated and well rested, gamers! }:3

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