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Being a guy

So, I'm trans, right?
More specifically, I'm nonbinary, leaning heavily into masculine. AFAB.

Though, I still act quite feminine. And thats okay! I think a lot about how to present myself to the public, but I've kind of realized that it doesn't really matter to me how other people see me right now. I'll take care of myself for me. I'll dress up for myself. It's not so I can pass, it's just so I can be.. Me.

I'm going on T very soonish, and I quite look forward to that! I'll probably still dress the same, and do the same makeup even, but.. I'll look more masculine! Or even lean into enby territory. 

I'll update you all on when I take my first T shot }:) I plan on logging how it makes me feel/the changes that happen. I want a good timeline to look back on! As well as being a good resource for anyone else wanting to take testosterone.

Ok! Back to work now! }:3 have a wonderful day, and stay hydrated!!!

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that's wonderful!!!!!! wishing you the best of luck on your journey!!!!! i hope everything goes well, you above others!! I think your own self perception is the most important thing tbh, I'm glad you're doing well in that regard!!!!! good luck!!

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Thank you so much! This means a lot to me }:) I hope you're having a nice day!

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