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dawg,, yall crazy

i keep seeing blogz like "this place iz 2 much like tiktok! stop having dniz [aka catering ur experience online to filter out people u dont wanna int w,, which is why a block button exists and a valid thing 2 wanna do. its ur acc, int w and block whoever u want.], stop having prns!! why is everyone a teen!!" 

and itz like  bro grow up how r u @ ur big age pissing urself bc some 15 year old has prns and doesnt want terfs or old men following them like go outside do something productive, bathe ur roomba, put ur dog in front of a mirror and show them themselves idfc

i just think its insane to cry and whine abt these young people polluting the place with drama and stupidity when its pretty peaceful if ur not weirdly gatekeeping the INTERNET from people and being a piss baby abt people doing the crime of simply existing in the same vicinity as u.

TLDR: spacehey is a website. people r gonna join. block people u dont wanna see, stop complaining kidz r here existing and being lgbt. its really weird u as an adult even care that much abt kidz. like, leave them alone, tf?

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