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About Me: Questions Part: Four

what's your favorite color?

black, red, pink.

what's your favorite animal?

cheetah, dog, wolf.

do you have any pets?

yes, a 9 year old Siberian Husky his name is Shadow.

do you have brothers or sisters?

yes one sister.

how old are you?

31 years old.

when is your birthday?

July 4th 1991

where's the farthest you have traveled from home?

i have been to china (shanghai) and hong kong.

what is your favorite winter activity?

walking in the cold (if there is rain holding an umbrella) with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and listing to music.

if you choose a new name, which one would it be?


what is the best vacation you have ever taken?

it was two journeys: a journey to: china (shanghai) and a journey to: hong kong.

What are you afraid of?


who's the best cartoon character?


if you would make one rule for everyone in the world to follow, what would it be?

to be kind and respect animals.

if you could own any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

  • cheetah
  • lion
  • lioness
  • wolf
  • wolf hybrid¬†

what's your favorite way to spend afternoon?

reading or watching tv, also i might go out and have a walk.

what is your favorite song?

i know i have mentioned before that they only two songs, but the thing is when i thought of it for a while i realize that its more than these two songs actually and i cant write them all honestly speaking because it will take forever to do so. so, lets stick with the ones i have mentioned previously.

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