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life update!!


it is i your favorite has returned 

soooo yeah i had a pretty intense past couple weeks. got a boyfriend (he is so cute), had a botched mouth surgery (more on that later), and completely redesigned my room!

starting off, my boyfriend!!!! !!!!!:$,!!,! for the sake of my privacy i’m just going to call him E, okay ^_^

me and E have been friends for a pretty long time but only in the past couple months had we really become close and about 2 weeks ago (give or take) we were watching some crime documentary and he leaned over and KISSED ME >_< it was the dream i didn’t even know he liked guys!! it took a couple days but we started dating and i’m very happy about it! 

onto the next thing, my surgery. so i have pretty straight teeth as it is, but for the past year or so i’ve had braces in to make space for a canine that was supposed to drop. spoiler alert, it never did. i needed surgery to get it down or else it could mess up my mouth pretty bad @_@ and once the day came i was rightfully extremely nervous. the doctor was a complete asshole and didn’t give me even close to the amount of numbing that i should’ve gotten, he then proceeded to cut my mouth open despite my desperate screaming for him to stop and he totally messed up and cut me really bad. my mom (bless her heart) absolutely BURSTED through the door and saved the day, she made him stop right there and stitch it up so we could leave and find another doctor. he did exactly that and we went home. 

overall it was terrible and i’m actually going to a consultation  for another doctor tmrw, hopefully it’ll go well ^_^

last thing, my room! i share a room with my sister and recently i moved the couch that was under my loft bed to give myself more space. then i realized i have free will and completely destroyed and redid everything! i think it looks pretty good but that might just be because it took forever and my brain is trying to convince me it was worth it. 

anywho, that’s all for now!! i’ll try to be more consistent with my update but been a teen boy is hard!! 

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