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intro post!! (o・ω・o)

intro !!!

hello !! im luka but u can call me lulu :3

i'm 17 years old, 18 in a month!! \(≧▽≦)/ happy early bday 2 meee!!!

im from the uk, and im british, polish n chinese, i speak polish and chinese languages ok,, but not fluently,, 

i luv the alternative and grunge fashion mixed with gyaru, spec. rokku and goshikku

im also a student photographer, and i study fine art in college (☆ω☆),, i love taking pics of abandoned buildings and liminal spacey looking places, its so pretty to me ^_^

i use she they prns,, and im genderfluid but i pref fem compliments hehe

i hope u keep up w my life hehe,, i'll probabaly post daily about what happens in my days!! i like going to my lil sesh spot so i'll have sum stories Hehe :33

thats all 4 this post!! i hope i can make frinds here !!

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