okay so im gonna start off with this guys my age AND we met a few days ago irl

i knew i got crushes pretty easily before but it usually isnt this easily, i met another scene and he was super duper truuuuper funny and at the end of the night he said to me "cant wait to see you next friday" and i guess i took as "im really excited to see you next friday tonight was fun" but idk if it was meant to be platonic or romantic way(i dont think he knows either, which is another problem).. he snaps me everyday(after we met) and we have convos for 5-10 minutes about whatever comes up first. it already is really hard for me to tell if someone likes me and i dont even know if its too early to ask if he does. i havent been in a lot of relationships and im a very awkward person. when would be a good time to ask?? a month?? a week?? idkkkkk

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