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Steam deck update. Thinking about getting rid of it

If you're thinking about buying one to use as a regular Linux machine, don't. It's ridiculously restrictive and the whole system breaks if you try to replace the preinstalled SteamOS services with anything else, not something I would have anticipated were this actually "just a Linux PC" like everyone keeps saying. I'm done messing with it and having to constantly reimage.

If anyone's interested in buying it off me, IM me. I'll give you a good deal for the 512 GB deck and the official dock :P

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I would also, if I were you (and this is just a suggestion), add a listing for it on Ebay.
You can make a lot of money from it, and someone else would be happy with it too hehe

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Probably what I'm gonna end up doing. Just thought I'd give a heads up to friends and anyone here

by Felix; ; Report

There's a lot of good stuff on Ebay (like the Switch Lite I bought-), so like-
Maybe you can sell it, or something.
Hopefully you'll get someone to buy it /gen

by Ricky; ; Report