give me animes to watch !! (⁀ᗢ⁀)

hii guys it's koda here !!

i've been thinking about watching some new anime . i kinda want to get back into it , i started with jjba and serial experiments lain !! i really like animes like madoka magica , soul eater , full metal alchemist - anything witchy , occult , horror , or thriller !!

GIVE ME UR BEST SHOT !!  (ง ื▿ ื)ว

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also i forgot to mention- i dont watch much of the occult/witchy kinda anime. so thats all i got. however I also recommend Berserk (very dark series), vagabond, and Vinland Saga (which isnt witchy at all but still a good story). Hope this helps!

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big jojo fan (part 1 is kinda boring but i promise it gets rlly good part 2 onward), and attack on titan gets called overrated a lot but i disagree. if u like anime/manga where u gotta think/analyze a lot, attack on titan is a great great story, dont be fooled by the very shounen vibe the first season has, season 3 part 2 is TO THIS DAY one of my favorite arcs in all of what ive watched.

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you should def watch alien 9 (theres only 3 episode but there are more manga volumes for it and its really good!!), kodocha, the secret world of arrietty (film), FLCL, and blood lad!

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the castle of cagliostro is pretty good too and quite funny ^^ the last time i watched it, it was on netflix

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Cowboy bebop, hellsink, and mob phyco 100 are all really good!!! ^^^

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૮ ・ﻌ・ა 🍸

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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan or Di Gi Charat

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Kakegurui or chainsaw man are good, maybe death note, Devilman Crybaby if you're up for a lot of nudity and gore, and also Violet Evergarden is just so beautiful

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I'm trying my very hardest to not recomend KNY because that's all I talk about

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This one isnt exaclty horror at the start but it can still get pretty dark (especially in the manga) its called land of the lustrous and I think youll love it!!!!!!!!!!

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japanese tales of the macabre! it's a horror anime with different characters and storylines every episode, available on netflix and piracy is probably also possible! HUGE tw for suicide tho

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sonny boy, xxxHolic, boogiepop wa warawanai and neon genesis evangelion were great

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Maybe Try Gangsta, Hellsing, also Michiko and Hatchin

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spy family and junji ito's series are good

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cowboy bebop is really good!
& so is sk8 the infinity :D!!

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Grace <3 (poop #3)

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Doraemon, Spy x Family, Hunter x Hunter, and Shinchan!!!
Doraemon's my fav bc it's absolutely insane

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cardcaptor sakura is a must watch!! its a 90's mahou shojou, with sum bromance sprinkled, overall its jus a wholesome series

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welcome to the nhk, akira (1988), neon genesis evangelion (the end of evangelion and the new releases) are great picks that i recommend!

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azumanga daioh :o)

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★ punk statik paranoia ★

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i'd reccomend watching pokemon pls pls PLS we need more chill anipoke fans plssssssss

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One piece. :P

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I don't watch much anime anymore, but I can still enjoy some Bungou Stray Dogs and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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my favorite anime is houseki no kuni / land of the lustrous! it starts out relatively lighthearted, but later on definitely grapples with some very intense themes often related to mental health or psychological horror - especially in the manga. i really recommend it if you can handle that sort of subject matter. it has a very bizarre premise but don't let that steer you away!!! there's a lot to love about houseki no kuni.

oh, the anime is CGI btw, but it's made by studio orange (did beastars) and has a lot of love put into it to make sure it looks good. even people who don't typically like CGI in anime like how it's used in houseki no kuni, and it works well with the shiny hair and whatnot heheh.

i have other anime recs too but i dont think any more that are in the vein of being dark or horror-y in any way really. wishing you luck on finding more anime to watch!

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