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silly little story im writing for skewl

ok so im HEAVILY but not too heavily, inspiring this off of 12tmnt, Ready Player One, stray, cyberpunk 2077, and a little bit of animal jam!. (so like the evil robots and ninjutsu skills from tmnt, and then the tech and the "stacks" from Ready Player One, litrly the only thing so far that's cyberpunk related is like the year 2077, and the stray bit is only the futuristic but falling apart aesthetic that you can imagine in the slums, and the abilities the lil cat has to like jump around buildings n stuff owo, and the refference of club geoz from aj which is the club Kody applied to work at.) 

ill try and compile everything ive written so far for this dystopian narrative so i hope u enjoy what ive gotz! :3 


The year is 2077 and the world has gotten a major technological upgrade. Our main character Kody lives in NYC (That is now basically 60 percent neon sign and 40 percent building by now) which is under the control of dangerous gangs and- robots? 

3 of the most powerful gangs control a large number of robotic warriors, which they are going to use in their plans to take over the city for themselves. (Are there government forces/police trying to stop this from happening? Yes, but they aren't doing too good of a job because this is basically happening almost everywhere mkay-) 

Kody,- (who is a 24 yr old male, robotic mutant. [prosthetic legs, arms, and a tail for balance bc yk i had to add it, and just for logic's sake its not unusual for someone to purposefully get tech prosthetics since its the FuTuRe~~~] he is is 5 '2 quick and athletic, trained in the art ninjutsu, and has a love for music.)

 - Is “trying” to land a job as a DJ at one of the more underground clubs. One day when he's sitting on the sidewalk waiting for an answer from the club/bar he applied to, when he catches a glimpse of something that sends a shiver down his spine. A family was being threatened by a patrol bot, for living in an alleyway that just so happens to be owned by one of the big 3 (the gangs). 

Even though this neighborhood is full of drunken homeless people and this happens every other Tuesday, he can't help but want to save them. (family issues lmfao) 

(i haven't come up w a full summary of his family's backstory other than he lost them and is regretful that he couldn't save them ) 


k so my English teacher asked me to write more of a smaller snip-it of a section in my story instead of the full story i had written out in my head, so here's the things i wrote to fill out the plot diagram she gave me. (like a check list of sorts u don't gotta read it its just a less descriptive version of the one i pasted)

the 3 beginning events + a 4th cauz why noot owo


1. Kody, waiting for a confirmation from the djing job he applied for.

2.  sees a patrol droid sweep the sidewalks and alleyways of one of the big3’s hideout buildings for the homeless or people trying to spy. 

3.  The droid stops suddenly when it sees a small family of 3 trying to hide from it behind a dumpster.

4. Kody decides he needs to disarm and shut down the patrol droid to save the family.

climaxx 0-o


Kody runs up behind the patrol droid and knocks it to the ground with his bo-staff (just a metal pipe for now until he finds out how good his is with an actual staff), pinning it to let the family escape.

falling action uwu


1. The family quietly thanks him and runs out of the alley to safety 

2. Kody, with the patrol droid still pinned under his bo-staff, knocks the droid out and disposes of the robot

resolution :3


He runs back to his makeshift apartment on the roof of an actual apartment complex, feeling good about himself for saving that family when he couldn’t save his own. (emoooo)


ok now all i have left for u guys is a little bit of the setting and society they live in x3

like i may have said in the story, the big city is just an over decorated and advanced part of 2077 NYC. That's like 60% percent neon sign and 40% actual building. There's the a main couple of cities that are all colorful and lit up, but the outskirts of the state and some towns there's the “slums”, that i'm kinda basing off the stacks from the 2018 Ready Player One movie, but still pretty lit up near the ground, and overall more "structurally sound" looking. (w lots of areas for parkour)

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