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I live!!! Or something like that.

So, a few cool things have happened over the past week! For one, I have a new job-- No more retail for Fate }:)
I've also gotten my license, AND a car!!! It's a cute little red 2004 Toyota somethingrather. Driving on highways are. Stressful, to say the least. My first drive in my car (about two days after I got my license) was about an hour long, and it was night, AND it was raining. But I made it home safely!

My new job is pretty cool too! I'm working at an autobody/repair shop. The environment here is just wonderful, everyone here is so cool and nice, and I actually feel like I'm appreciated and respected as a person! And the work is perfect for me too! It's just computer stuff and driving cars, which I'm really good at one, and am. Capable of the other. I honestly kind of like driving, plus it basically forces me to get more practice.
As I said before, everyone is really nice- They all call me Fate! I still get misgendered, I don't really hold it against them though. I mean, they have other things to worry about than the new guy's pronouns, especially since I don't pass... Yet.

I thiiink that's all for now. I hope everyone is staying hydrated and well rested! /)

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