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Scene kid survey!

1. How scene r u, idiot? (Beginner, Casual scene kid, was there in the 2000s, so into the subculture that u haven't gone outside in years pLEASE GO OUTSIDE- O_O) Ya, that's right, I'm bullying u >_> aaaa I think I would be somewhere between casual and haven’t gone outside in years hahaha

2. Do you have/want coontails? Or is that too mainstream 4 u... im not rlly the super bright colors/crazy hair kinda person, im more like Ryan Ross hair lol

3. Speaking of dyed hair, r u the type of scene kid 2 dye ur hair partially blonde or black or r u the type 2 dye it an unnatural color? Not usually, sometimes my hair is bright red during the summer, but it’s dark brown/black most of the time… colored hair is annoying to keep up with during the school year

4. Alright, I'm tired of bullying u T_T Ya, that's right, ur SUCH a loser that I got TIRED OF- Eh- Ok, ya I'm done now- XD Anywaaaays O.o What stereotypical cutesy pop culture character do u like? XD Hello KittyGloomy BearPikachuDomo-kunGirNyan Cat? Or some1 else maybe that I totally 4got? I can’t pickkkk uhm I’m gonna go for a diff cartoon character and say dan from Dan vs (if that’s allowed… if not pikachu)

5. Since we're going entirely off of stereotypes XD Do u like Invader Zim? O.o I know I dooooo XD If so, who's ur favorite character? AND DON'T SAY GIR >:[ Or do, who am I 2 stop u? Ur mom? XD HMMMMM….. IDK THE SCIENTIST DAD ONE I FORGOT HIS NAME

6. TIME 2 SETTLE THIS ONE AND 4 ALL- Kandi, silly bands, or one-inch rubber wristbands? fuck I love those rubber wristbands, they don’t make enough

7. How many studded belts do u have? Y'know, if u have any at all XD I know they're hard 2 come across nowadays >3> I had 2 get mine offa EBAY- E B A Y - I like white belts more- they’re a nod to the hardcore roots (lame ik)

8. Where do u shop? Since Hot Topic sucks now and the back of Spencer's is enough 2 bring down a nation to their knees begging 4 mercy, other scene kids could use some cool stores 2 check out! Drop em here~ 7w7 EBAY OBVI 

9. Time 4 SUSTENANCE- O.o Monster Energy, Mountain Dew, or Peace Tea? I love how there's such a world of difference between the first two options and the last XD Like MONSTER ENERGY, MOUNTAIN DEW, AND 𝓅𝑒𝒶𝒸𝑒 𝓉𝑒𝒶 


10. SPEAKING of worlds of differences, what scene subset even R U??? Like, is ur playlist full of BrokeNCYDE, BOTDF, and The Millionares or NeverShoutNever, Hellogoodbye, and The Ready Set?... Y-Y'know? XD 

Defff a Decaydance kinda scene, old panic has been my fav since  i was like 9 and I loveeeee fall out boy

11. Converse, Osireses, or those like... Ugly ass checkered slip ons? PLEASE not the ugly ass checkered slip ons- O_O Lookin like shoes by Microsoft with their lack of shoelaces >_>


12. OK no1 got the "Do you break bones" reference b4 (AMY CAN FLYYY, U UNCULTURED SWINES-) so FINE- FIIIIINE I'll do something FUCKING EVERY1 KNOWS- >:[... *SIGH* Finish the sentence: "Fer sure maybe, fer sure not _____"

Fer sure eh Fer sure bomb

13. What's ur medium? I mean- ATTUTIDE- R u the "RAAAWR X3 Do u liek tacoz? O.o Andy Sixxx is SOOO handsome >w<" scene kid or the "Sweet as sugar... Hard as ice... Hurt me once... *Lays against hot pink couch with glitter dripping from your mouth as u pull ur Hello Kitty doll closer 2 u and pull out a butcher knife with BOTDF lyrics written on it in totally blood and not red sharpie* I'll kill you twice~" O.o


14. I made u a cupcake but I eated it, it was just so good... =_=

awww I wanted it :(

15. Dinosaurs or diamonds? Or pull a Nickasaur and do BOTH? >:3


16. What's ur favorite music label? O.o (Fearless Records, Fueled by Ramen, Trustkill Records, etc.)

take a wild guess…. It’s Decaydance lol (which is kinda part of fueled by ramen)

17. WHO'S UR FAVORITE SCENE QUEEN O.o And if ur answer dosen't include Lexi Lush or Ambrehhh Is Dead then I'm going 2 eat ur McDonalds breakfast u^u And MickeyD's breakfast is the GUUD breakfast so choose ur words carefully! >:[


18. MOAR MOOSIC QUESTIONS CUZ I LOOOOOVE MOOSIC >:D What's ur favorite music genre? Crunkcore, pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, indie-pop, uhhh... Ur mom? XD

DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE- uhhhhh pop punk I think

19. Do u own any band shirts? O.o If the answers yes then I'm mega jelly =_=

Yessss I have a few mcr ones and a fall out boy one

20. WOOO WE'VE HIT 20! XD AND I'MMMM GETTING TIRED x_X OK, NEXT QUESTION uwu Do u have a hoodie of an animal or pop culture character or is that not ur type of style? R u more of graphic hoodie kinda scenester >w> Or do u just not have a hoodie, y'know, are you e v i l like that- >_>

Lol I have a mcr hoodie w harry Houdini on it… I’m starting to think I’m not the right kind of scene for this survey….

21. Do u wanna make music? Be in a band or make crappy Soundcloud crunkcore? XD

absolutelyyyy my dream is to go on tour w a band, even just as a tech person

22. Animal print, stripes, or checkered? O.o Y'know, what's ur favorite pattern on ur clothing? XD Or r u a solid colored LOSER >:[ Jk, I loaf u QwQ

I loaf u too…. It’s gonna have to be novelty prints lol… yk like guns, roses, shit like that (guns and roses… gross I hate that band)

23. HOW DO U TYPE? O.o L33t? Do u spell things incorrectly as slang (e.g "You" to "u", "too" to "2", "Me" to "Meh")? Or r u not illiterate and just type normally? XDD

Lol I use the “Ryan Ross” style of typing… lots of …., empty lines and hahahaha

24. You've ever taken a picture with the MySpace angle? >w> Idk why that angle is sooooo good O.o There must be a SCIENCE 2 it >_>


25. DID U ENJOY DIS SURVEY? O.o Answer wisely or else, OR ELSE... Idk what I'll do, cri? XD


26. I'm assuming u said "yes, this survey was amazing, thank u 4 gracing me with ur presence, Cosmocorn, I bow down 2 u and forfeit all of my mortal possessions" and 2 THAT I say, goooood, goooood~ uwu Anyways, CIAO, CIAO! :D


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