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full yunuslist

(a yunus is a character im like madly in love with...basically like a babygirl)

in alphabetical order

arven (pokemon sv)

axel chains (your favourite martian)

bad cop [all versions] (lego movie)

bandit (bluey)*

benatar (your favourite martian)

brassius (pokemon sv)

callahan (stranger things)

cedric (sofia the first)*

clavell (pokemon sv)

demetrius (stardew valley

gary (club penguin)

griffin (hotel transgender)

guzma (pokemon sm)

harvey (stardew valley)

herbert west (re-animator)

jetpack guy (club penguin)

kent (stardew valley)

kramer (seinfeld)*

luigi (super mario)

otacon (mgs)

peter b. parker (spider-verse)

phone dude (fnaf)

phone guy (fnaf)

plankton (spongebob musical)

postal dude (postal)

reigen (mp100)

robin (stranger things)

sebastian j. cricket (pinocchio [guillermo del toro])

spamton (deltarune)

spider-man noir (spider-verse)

squidward (spongebob musical)

steve harrington (stranger things)

viktor (slime rancher)

* im so sorry for being like this.

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