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split tangerines

we pass to each other tangerines,

each one smaller than it was in the last pair of hands.

laughter, song, dance,

the tangerine gets smaller and smaller

as it travels the world, splinters off,

pieces making others whole again.

there is now a shortage of tangerines.

no markets sell them, no grocers either.

yet when I look in my living room

and suddenly hear ghosts of my friend's voices,

all the way from 9th grade and 10th grade, and last week

I can’t help but notice the tangerine plant

growing full-bloom in the middle of my chest.

(there used to be a shortage of tangerines,

sometimes there still is.

but slowly people are learning to share again

To tell stories, to make art, to love,

Splintering off pieces to make others whole again,

learning to love the tangerine’s sweet taste once more.)

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I happen to read this while listening to a beautiful song and its genuinely beautiful. Loved it!

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what song? :0 and thx!!

by thunderousConman; ; Report

Men I Trust - Show Me How (album v) I don't think the lyrics fit the theme perfectly but the back round music definitely does.

by Sayanti; ; Report

ooooo i'll give it a listen :)

by thunderousConman; ; Report