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Stress Builds Character - Dystopia

I am so tired
Sometimes I feel so tired
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. So tired.
The pressure builds and builds.
It seems like there’s no release.
The things I see go unnoticed by some, fill my eyes with horror.
Anger and guilt and frustration and depression make waking up every day harder and harder.
I work my fingers to the bone just to survive.
I got to get money so I can have a home.
So I can breathe, eat and live in this society.
I don’t even like money, and I got to work everyday just to feed myself.
God, it makes me sick.
I just wanna curl up into a hole and die, because this isn’t worth it.
I need a raise, man!
I can’t survive on this pay anymore.
I can’t live on this.
I’m hungry, and I’m frustrated, and I can’t eat, daddy.
God, I look for you to help, and I have seen no help.
I’ve seen no thoughts, no looks, no praise.
You don’t care. You don’t love me. I only love myself.
No one will love me like I love me.

Life's been swell now I want to die
My body it hurts me sigh after sigh
I call it torture you call it life
A slave to money and everything I despise
Like everyone in general
Fuck eat sleep destroy
Just about the only things you fucking enjoy
I am a disposable being
Who will fuck all life
I multiply and the air gets thinner and dirty
I take up space
I smell
I consume
But I produce nothing
I abuse
I have no reason to exist
The toilet's clogged in this world of shit
I breathe filth everyday
Living fucks up my brain
Why? Why did I wake up today?
My eyes are heavy
Why? Why must I see your face?
Your life is ugly
Why? Why did I buy into these things?
I don't want them
Tension. Tension
Frustration. Alone.
Tension. Despair. Tension
All these pressures on my life

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