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is it weird that i just go blank when someone asks me what i wanna be/do when i'm older? tbh was just thinking about working some office jobΒ and doing art and stuff like that on the side. but for some reason i feel weird telling people that, so i just say "idk".

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1) "It doesn't really have anything to do with you." (or, more accurately "you're just a robot.")

2) "It's not like i am the best person in the room, it's not like i can be that good or that bad at everything" (i.e., i am just a human)

3) It doesn't have any special powers or special abilities. i just think that the best robot is someone who is able to take a beating and then move forward with a smile. (I'm not sure how this applies in the real world.) (I think this is a pretty accurate statement.)

4) The only robot I'm sure of who has been to the movies, anime or TV show is the robot who has a special talent that allows them to take care of the rest. i don't know what this means but i don't know why i think it makes any sense to me.

The robot is a robot that can do things like: "I can take care of the rest" and "I can move forwards and backwards" or whatever it wants to be called (i.e. i have to move forward to move forward to do this or that, etc.). (This means that the person that does it can move forwards and backwards, and i have to be able to do that or something, etc.). (It's also possible that if someone asks me how to be able to move forwards and backwards without moving, I'll tell them "that's how i can do that, and you can't move back, so that makes it easier.")

The only person who is capable of moving forwards is the one that does it in a robot's natural way and that means the person who moves backwards. i'm not saying this because of how much i like it or how much it helps, it's just that the human mind can do that. (I know it's hard, but that's just the nature of the game.)

So if you want a human robot that can

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