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Whats Kote kei? Music,Style and bands

hello friends today we are talking bout kote kei!!

if you like these type of blogs where i explain vkei and his undercurrents lmk in the comments!

lets get started!! 

What does Kote Kei mean?

Kote kei (Also called "Old school","Classic visual kei" or "Original visual kei" refers to the band in the mid 90s and the bands who try to keep that style

Whats the kote kei style?

Kote kei style is really colorful, with huge colorfull hairstyles,lots of accessories like spikes and pins and black clothes.

Even if kote kei was originally inspired to Glam metal it takes its style mostly from early 90s bands like lLuna sea and Diru (Dir en grey).

(sitography and credits for this part go to this amino post and this wiki page)


Hows Kote Kei music?

As i already said before in Kote kei we can find Glam Metal but also heavy metal,Hard rock,Post-Punk,pop,wave tunes and somethimes even gothic rock

(sitography and credits for this part go to this blogspot )

Some Kote Kei bands and their photos

some of the kote kei band we can mention are

- Color

- Buck tick

- Billy and the sl-ts

- Luna sea

- Baiser

- Early L'arc en ciel

- Zi:Kill

- Kamaitachi

- Decameron

- By-Sexual

and more! if you wanna add more to this list comment down below!

Photos of the bands

Color and Buck-Tick

Baiser and L'Arc en ciel


Zi:Kill and Kamaitachi

Decameron and By-sexual

And thats all for today! feel free to correct me or add things i missed in the comments!!
i repeat all the sitography:

this amino post

this wiki page

this blogspot

see you in the next blog about.....Tanbi kei!

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