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Some Headcanons I Have Re: My Animal Crossing Town

(The below is based on how these villagers act in my game in particular and the current lore as of 1/10/2021. I may come back and edit this when new lore emerges).

- Muffy and Pashmina are a sassy sapphic alt couple. They're constantly bickering with one another and make each other angry all of the time, but they can't live without each other. Muffy wants Pashmina to move in with her, but Pashmina needs her own space. This makes Muffy sad, but she understands.

- Drago and Zucker are stoners; Drago is pretty much consistently blazed, whereas Zucker smokes often but not necessarily constantly. Benjamin also smokes with them on occasion. The Nooklings (who I headcanon to be older teenagers / young adults) smoke with them after work. Leif is a dealer who occasionally visits the island. Tom Nook is aware of this and doesn't particular care, so long as the twins are still productive at work.

- Tom has a thing for Isabelle but doesn't pursue it because he feels that he is too old and too "damaged" for her. He's dated a lot in the past and blames himself for his failings in this area (although he also wants to shoot Redd in the kneecaps but restrains himself from doing so for the sake of the villagers). Isabelle is oblivious to this and sees Tom as an aloof but cool friend. She has a crush on K.K. Slider but is too shy to admit this to him, so she admires him dreamily from the window of the Residential Services building. Nibbles also has a crush on K.K. and isn't shy at all about admitting it. K.K. isn't interested in a relationship but would spend the night with Isabelle if she offered (he finds Nibbles a little too ~much~ for his taste, but he lets her down gently enough to where Nibbles is still holding out hope).

- Nibbles is a Twitch e-girl. She does have some music out on a Soundcloud, but she spends most of her time on beat games on her streams.

- Blathers is autistic. He wants to be a bigger part of the social scene on the island but doesn't know where to start, so he pours his energy into his studies. Tom considers Blathers to be the smartest person he knows and admires Blathers greatly, but Tom is socially aloof himself and is wrapped up in his island business. Flick stops by occasionally to chat with him and to help him fill in some gaps in his knowledge about bugs. He's trying to get his friend Brewster to open a coffee shop in the museum, but Brewster is content in his current coffee shop and doesn't feel like relocating.

- Gaston is a retired veteran and thinks very lowly of Pierre. He generally finds the other villagers okay and admires their youth, but he's mostly just trying to rest in his sunset years. He would fight Zipper if he had more energy. Maybe this year...

- Lily is the Mom Friend of the island. Everyone feels comfortable going to her to advice. Pecan (my villager) considers her a surrogate mother figure, being that their relationship with their own mother is rocky (mother may send mail and gifts occasionally, but there is a reason that Pecan left home, and there are wounds that they are still working through). Opal and Lily do most of the gardening on the island.

- Opal is the intimidating but supportive Aunt Friend of the island. She loves her wine and her Pinterest. She would have left the island a long time ago if it weren't for the Able Sisters' shop there.

- Tank and Benjamin are also good friends, even though Benjamin isn't really into working out. Tank sees himself as the security guard of the island and is almost disappointed with how secure the island actually is. He strongly distrusts Redd.

- Pecan is extremely confused as to why everyone on the island thinks so highly of them, especially since they disappear for sometimes months at a time. There is, of course, the fact that Pecan did most of the initial legwork for the island, but Pecan isn't used to be so well liked because they were merely, and barely, tolerated in their childhood home. Nevertheless, they're grateful for the friendships. :)

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