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blinkies!! all of them. (every. single. one.)

i thought it would be funny if every time i saw a blinkie i edited this blog and added it,, so thats what im doing now.  (take as many as you like!!)

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u can add more from my profile!!

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I love blinkies soooo much!! X3

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WHERE R THE TMA ENTITIES FROM? I gotta get a spiral or stranger one now xD

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i made them TwT

by stultuscanis; ; Report

nice!! I might make some for the rest now xD

by Sol?!; ; Report

do it !! :D

by stultuscanis; ; Report


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how do i get the links for them

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nvm i figured it out :sob: sorry

by Gremzon; ; Report


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how do i add tem to my profileee???

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with before and after i think
make sure you copy the link to the image not the page!!

by stultuscanis; ; Report

oh right it didnt show up bc html
wait a sec

by stultuscanis; ; Report

by stultuscanis; ; Report

cave dweller

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a will wood blinkie??1?1 (the top one that says hand me my shovel, im going in) tysm now im probably going to go down a rabbit hole trying to find more /pos

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i kind of want to make 100000 trillion of them now,,,, i am considering it, ill keep you updated

by stultuscanis; ; Report


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You could also sort them by color, or word count, or alphabetically. Good luck on your endeavors.


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thank you!!! :DD

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