All the object shows i've watched

I didn't feel like writing them all on my profile so here lol. All the object shows I've watched(so far) and how I feel abt them :]


-The first object show I watched, his ones very nostalgic as I started watching (around) when it first came out. BFDIA and IDFB are my favorite seasons :3

Inanimate Insanity (season 2 & 3)

-I actually didn't get into II until recently, I didn't care for season 1 but the other 2 are really good! Season 2 especially (mainly bc of the bright lights)


-big sad. did enjoy.

Burger Brawl

-I enjoy this one, I don't watch it too much anymore bc of the creators :c 

The Nightly Manor

-I mean, its alright I guess?? I honestly don't see the hype with it, to me it was kinda boring

Modern Objects.

-Really like this one too! wish there was more content for it :,<

I.O.N (couldn't find a good image sorry lol)

-Probably one of my favorites even though it just started. the animation, pacing, and different route from other object shows is super interesting and I'd kill to see more!! also Cracklin is cool :D

im tired now goobye

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OMGGGG i love ii s2 and the bright lights too !!! THEYRE LITERALLY ALL SOOO SILLYYY ....

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