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Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.0 Update, Tokimeki Memorial, and Other Thoughts

I always used to tear up at Kap'n's slower songs in New Leaf. I kinda did like, a little bit today, but not as much. His songs and the tune are so sweet and about love and travelling n such. I'm more apt to tear up/cry at happy things than anything else. Not to be dramatic but I think it's bc happiness is such a rare and overwhelming emotion for me. Maybe. Could be over thinking it.

Anyway, I was just looking up the Happy Island Designer release date, and found that Animal Crossing New Horizons is listed as an MMORPG on Google? Like, yeah ig in the most literal sense, you can connect online with massive amounts of people and role play but like, not all at once. It's 8 players max on an island, iirc. That's just so funny to me. I also found out the TokiMemo had an mmorpg back in the day and that strikes me as similarly tickling. What was the gameplay? Was it like Gaia? Do you romance each other?? I'm dying to know! There was an anime based on it but that doesn't really explain what it was like, gameplay-wise. The servers were shut down in 2007, so that's a bummer. Idk if there's any way to play it now but if you know a way, let me know!! Even if it's just offline.

But back to Animal Crossing - I'm so glad I don't work tomorrow so I can crack into the dlc. I played a lot of HHD on the 3DS for quite a while after it came out. I loved the little town and the soundscapes. I'm fuckin STOKED about transferring features to the island. I started playing again after the Direct. It was still pretty bland but now that all the updates are rolling out, I'll probably sink some more time into it when I can. I think AC is at it's best when you play for just a little bit each day instead of binging it like almost everyone did at release. The pandemic didn't help it's longevity, though it did help its launch. I love how many more people are into AC now, older and younger.

My first AC I owned was Wild World. I grew up watching my cousin play on the GameCube. He'd always complain about having to mail off fossils and wait for Blathers. How far we've come... I was only allowed to play video games on the weekends, and only after I'd finished my homework, so I think I got the intended Animal Crossing experience. Of course, I missed out on a lot of stuff I had no idea about until I got internet and found out about different fruits, Shampoodle, seeding, etc. That was super cool - I found out about all that before New Leaf came out so I got several solid years of new Animal Crossing content. I missed City Folk's release since I didn't get a Wii until high school. Then when New Leaf release in JP, I was watching Lin And Ko's playthrough and live translations like, everyday. When NTSC released, I finally made a friend (later a partner, then later an ex) that was also super into Animal Crossing. Got a lot of mileage out of New Leaf and all it's features and multiplayer. The Welcome Amiibo update was dope af too. 

So it's always felt like New Horizons was really lacking, and I think a lot of both old and new players felt this way. Even after the 2.0.0 update, it's still not up to snuff with New Leaf imo. Where's the multiplayer games? The island?? Panel de Pon????? (My favorite puzzle game of all time, btw, so I'm heavily biased). I think the island customization is great but since you can't make more than one save file per Switch, once you're happy with your look, you're limited to starting a new island design, starting a new island, or just like... keeping it the same. There's not enough to do if you didn't pace yourself. 

That being said, I'm really happy with New Horizons, especially after the update and I'm sure with the DLC. I wish there was more to do besides customization, like stuff to do with friends like in New Leaf, but even then it was a little shallow. I'd deffo pay for another DLC like HID that brings multiplayer stuff in, if it's substantial enough.

But yeah! If you're reading this, even if we don't know each other, no matter how far into the future, let me know what your thoughts are on any of that. I've been trying to finally get my island to be themed how I want. Slowly, but surely. So if you wanna hang out in game, just know it's am early work-in-progress, hehe~*

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✶ ˖·˳♡ ੈsammy ੈ♡˳·˖✶

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I love ACNH but sometimes, specially now, when I spend time in the game I feel like it’s purposeless because I can’t even show it to someone, and there’s nothing to do even when I’m able to invite friends, just touring is boring specially since we have the dream option so it makes me feel like, I don’t know, sad, but I don’t know if it is because it’s lacking something or just I’m lacking something (friends, inspo, idk) so I agree still it makes me happy it’s a creative outlet for when I don’t have nothing else to do, I enjoy certain activities but I definitely enjoyed it more when more people played it and we could invent games or whatever, I wish it was more interactive in that way.

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I also play animal crossing all the time! I’m always looking for new friends

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In The Zonye

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I've been playing Animal Crossing since the first game came out on the GameCube. New Horizons definitely feels empty for lack of a better term... also the DLC being the last /free/ update for awhile as stated in the direct just rubs me the wrong way. I haven't gotten too much into the DLC and added content myself since I turned off my switch for half a month and it broke which lead to me getting a new one with a clean save.

I've played every single Animal Crossing game since the first one and the DLC just adds features that were already in previous games right out of the gate. I get the crunch time for the game to be released was probably insane but stuff like Katrina, Shampoodle, Reese, Brewster etc. should already be in the game before it was launched.

I like the paid DLC I'm glad it wasn't like 50$ I would honestly be mad about that. I know not a lot of people dive into the designing aspect of Animal Crossing but I think it's cool and fun honestly. I just feel New Horizons is watered down most likely for newer players that have come in from playing Pocket Camp.

Those are just my thoughts.

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Yeah I totally agree with you on the Pocket Camp front - I keep forgetting it ever existed lol

N yeah iirc they did delay the game to reduce the crunch but it's just surprising that there were so many staple that just weren't there from the gate. it feels like the whole "games as a service" model makes games feel empty like that. :/ Like ig it's to extend the life of a game and to get people coming back but I'm a binger! Let me have my stuff, I'll wait to get it all at once XD

I've been enjoying the DLC in the same way I did HHD, but it gets me to play the base game more too with the added items. I kinda wish there were some of the gacha items from Pocket Camp available bc some of the sets are so pretty. Obv not released in a gacha format tho haha

That's really cool you've played all the games! Do you have a favourite out of the series? I'm sorry to hear about ur switch tho, that really sucks ;x; New island time? ^^'

by yottaFlare; ; Report

I've played most if not all of the games in the series, I don't really have a favorite but I think City Folk is neat because I spent that time playing it with my mom and dad and through hard times.

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ACNH was my first one. I started a month ago. It's relaxing and overwhelming at times.

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That's cool - I can totally imagine it being as overwhelming as it is soothing as a first entry. Have you played any of the other entries since picking up NH? I'm super curious what new players think about the older games by comparison :0

by yottaFlare; ; Report

I haven't

by Miscellanity; ; Report