Whats your goals for 2023?

First blog lol.

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Grow out my hair again

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I have a lot of goals, But I think my biggest one is to grow as a person and become happier

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Paris Hilton

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start an nft collection

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Ok thats kinda fucked up to hurt the environment and scam people no offense.

by That Southern Christian; ; Report

what do you mean nfts are helping the poor get rich by the blockchain

by Paris Hilton; ; Report

NFT scams either deceive people out of money directly or get credentials to access a person's digital wallet or cryptocurrency wallet. Unfortunately, it is hard to recover lost money or stolen digital wallet credentials after a scam.May

by That Southern Christian; ; Report

Plus you can just screenshot it to get the item.

by That Southern Christian; ; Report

Its a waste of money.

by That Southern Christian; ; Report