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New adds or anyone who wants to add me

Heyaaaa my name is Luke/Lucas u can call me either one I don't mind. I don't like anyone being rude, homophobic, sexist or anything like that it make me very upset. I am a nice person who will b there for u and will b sweet unless u give me a reason not to be. I have a flirty personality so if u don't like it let mee know and i will stop fair warning its just my personality. I go by they/ them pronouns not SHE or HE makes me upset when u misgender me. I am also pansexual. I love animals, skating, singing and dancing. I love the colors red and black. I have a lot of songs I like and love all genres. I'm a great person to rant to or just talk to and I love people in general I hope you have a good day and hope we can be friends. Thanks a lot love u guys lots goodbyeeee MESSAGES DONT WORK GOTTA MAKE A BLOG 

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My neighbours home has burnt down

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