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Introducing Myself

(I first published this on diary mode, obviously it’s not anymore)

I read a book about someone around my age starting a blog. The story didn’t exactly end well; they got harassed and called slurs by kids at their school, who then assaulted her and sent her to the hospital for a week. Fun right? Not exactly the most motivating way to be introduced to blogs.

Well nobody can do anything to me if this is on Diary mode I suppose.

 I guess I should introduce myself (even though nobody will ever see this) 

Hey there. I’m Alex, a 16yo aspiring film director and writer. I also happen to be non binary and very mentally ill. 

Currently I can’t sleep, and I’m struggling to get a grasp on who I am as a person. I’ve noticed everything just kind of drifts apart when I’m alone. I can’t even pin point what I’m feeling at the moment. It all seems so distant and confusing. Writing this down seems to help though.

I might eventually post publicly one day, or I might never use this website again. Who knows?

If I do continue to do this, I’ll probably write about my daily experience as a person, as it might be easier to do things this way than write in a diary.

All I can say for now is that it’s currently midnight, and I now need to force myself to get some sleep.



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