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Experiencing the Unnatural

I hate going to sleep. It's not even that I CAN'T go to sleep anymore, but more like the stuff that happens scares me out of it. I have dreams that I can't really call them "dreams" anymore. 

A recent one was that I was laying in my bed... well, not my current bed. One that I had when I lived at my mother's house before she lost custody over me and my brother. I had just been looking out the window, checking for shadows, even though being on the second floor.  I would lay awake in my bed, covers, sheets, and blankets underneath me. The part that always happens is that my bed collapses in on itself. I fall into the hole and it's a sort of Alice in Wonderland moment. I bring myself to be head up in the falling and grab onto some ladder/bar on the side of the hole. I climb up to a door, and this is the only moment I am able to lucid dream. Most times, however, I can't. I'm not sure why, but that isn't part of the current story.

An iron door, very rusty and almost in the style of Silent Hill or Resident Evil games, will be at the top of the ladder. A reminder that I may have thousands of kilometers above me.

I open the door to a dark room. Using the walls as a guide, I run my hands along them to find how big the room is. It takes about ten seconds to reach the corner of the room, and maybe another twenty to reach the next. Then again, then twenty to reach the door. It's empty for as much as I can tell, with no furniture that I bumped into. From that, I walk freely, searching more thoroughly for a switch to find light in the darkness. Eventually in the middle of the wall farthest from the door, I can find a switch in the bottom corner. A strange place, no doubt, but I switch in nonetheless. As soon as the light floods the room, several things (that were most definitely not there in the first place) are visible. A crowbar, a slightly larger-than-life bullet, and a necklace. Each one has a different characteristic, showing some signs of aging. The bullet is shiny and new, the crowbar has seem to have begun rusting, and the necklace is mostly rusted and has begun cracking. If I pick up one, each has a different response. 

I'm not sure if I should keep going, but let me know if I should! Also, these may be causes of all the horror stuff I watch and play, however, they don't affect me in the conscious world, so I'm confused as to why it's when I'm asleep if it's the reason. Asking for a friend to help me out!!

This is maaurn, signing off. 

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