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It's been a long week hasn't it?

Well 2021 really tried to upstage 2020 with a strong opening week full of chaotic energy. 

I tryyy not to get into arguments but I also managed to piss off my boyfriends sister and possibly lose another friend. 

She commented on one of my FB post saying that she hoped that the woman that got shot on Wednesday was actually "antifa" and followed that up saying that all antifa deserve a shot in the head. Not knowing who she was, most of my friends pretty much slaughtered her in the comments. She didn't like all the liberals attacking her so she chose to just unfriend me. Lol making it extra awkward since I had to see her the next day. 

Then one of my friends that I've known for 10 years had to follow up with trying to justify storming the capitol by bringing up some DC law that was passed limiting the use of riot gear. When I pointed out the section of the law that shows the exceptions, he didn't like that. He followed up with saying that "maybe if politicians were more scared then they'd get more work done" and " If BLM was considered a protest then so was storming the capitol"....Honestly that comparison was what hurt me the most. He is fortunate to live in his privileged bubble and never really had to worry about race or hardship even.

 Then I recalled a screenshot that my ex sent to me on a conversation they had during the BLM protests. My ex sent him a video on systemic discrimination and with everything that was going on... all he had to say was that Black People should change their names if they're harder to pronounce. That they should change it and take on normal English names and that this would grant them more opportunities. He doesn't know I have these screenshots. I have yet to bring them up. It's just been a mixed bag of emotions since that point really. He has helped me greatly when I have needed him in the last 10 years. But for him not to even try and understand hurt me a whole lot. That someone I've known for 1/3 of my life truly wouldn't give a rats a** about me if he didn't know me....

2020-2021 are definitely years of seeing peoples true colors I guess. 

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