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Ew ew ew

Why did a truscum friend request me. Ew.

If you're going to be a transphobic piece of shit who feels entitled to know and decide people's own identities, at least stay the hell away from me. I don't want to engage in "discussion". It's not one. Fuck off.

I WISH hrt was as accessible and easy to get as shitty truscum fearmonger it to be. Because for so many people, HRT and other transitioning stuff is extremely expensive and time consuming. And that's not even considering encounters with negligent/dismissive and transphobic doctors. It's an unecessarily difficult and traumatizing experience for many trans people, and its accessibility is still continuing to be threatened.

If someone says theyre trans, theyre trans, and it's none of your damn business. You wouldn't give a cis person this creepy, invasive asking of medical, mental, and body part questions. 

Don't give me some stupid excuse for an explanation about how someone using neopronouns or being trans without dysphoria is somehow "ruining" anything. Such a chronically online take to have, that anyone over 14 who thinks this is pathetic. Grow the fuck up and get an actual perspective. 

Gender is such a beautifully absract and personal concept. Neopronouns are cool and awesome and it's amazing we've come this far to be able to explore it.

Sincerely, a trans person of color <3

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I don't call myself trans because I'm afraid that people will laugh at me for being trans and try to make me feel insecure on purpose. Too many transphobes who aim to shame others and make them feel bad about who they are as an individual.

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I get that :-( I hope one day you will find yourself in an environment where you feel safe enough to call yourself however you want to be without that fear. You're trans if you say/think you are, whether you're out, or whether you're not quite in a space to deal with the stuff that comes with being openly trans.

by Hermon; ; Report

Thanks, I do hope I find that safe space one day!

by Sunspot; ; Report


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one thing, neopronouns originated from 4chan where they were used to invalidate and mock trans people..

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The concept of neopronouns is wayy older than 4chan, despite its name. Please remember that not every culture and language has the same gender binary the english language does. There has always been more than she/they/he/etc. to refer to oneself/others. And a lot of harmless things about trans identity has been mocked by 4chan and memes in general. The way words like "intersectionality", anything involving the word "priviledge", hell, even the word "gender" have been turned into a joke for so many people despite being very important words for stuff that needs to be taken more seriously.

by Hermon; ; Report

oh, I wasn't talking about neopronouns like ze/zir etc, just the nounself pronouns that have only appeared recently, specifically from 4chan.

by cybervenus; ; Report

Yeah, I get that. Honestly the best way you react to people making "mock pronouns" is to use it for them anyway. If someone wants to be called ___self or smth,,, then alright. ___self will be refered to that way. They do that bc they want you to repeat the "thats ridiculous" response they give to ze/zir and other neopronouns as some sort of "gotcha".

by Hermon; ; Report


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to all transphobic people: we're human as well, we have feelings.

tbh transphobic people are just stupid

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Best way to deal with these people, besides ignoring them, is to humiliate them, and have their goals ridiculed, if their objective is to make you sad and confused and whatever negative emotions, is to show the GOOD these people are doing to you. That's how I deal with people who dislike my person, personally.

If they mean to lower you, just find what's raising you above them.

Let's be real here there's nothing more humiliating than the person you're trying to hurt actually seeing good in what you're doing. It's truly a shame these people will always remain and won't ever know how to mind their own businesses, but oh well.

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Oh god not the transphobes here already. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Trans people’s right to exist is not a debate!!

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Trans lives matter 🏳️‍⚧️

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Ewwww I fucking hate truscum like they're so WHAT how tf you gonna just dictate other people's identities that's so stupid

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ERM YES! THANK YOU :) if you don’t accept all trans people then ur transphobic, u cant pook or choose

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there are already transphobes here WHAT

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p r e a c h

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damn, oh well anyways

its the internet who cares, i swear if this site becomes like twitter or tumblr im just gonna log off lmaooo - a black trans person

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"its the internet who cares" but apparently gets really bothered by the idea of someone using neopronouns so much that you're going out of your way to exclude and shit on them by calling urself truscum. ok lol? at least be consistent. These "I dont care" responses are really silly.

by Hermon; ; Report

you cared enough to comment on somebody elses post voicing their own frustration with truscum - a black trans person -_-

by shida!!; ; Report


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YES!!! trans rights fucking matter!! those people suck

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neopronouns ARE valid!!! u r rigjt

by xXx_cutedeadgirl!_xXx; ; Report


by Hermon; ; Report