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i havent got too many as ive only recently been searching for them. im hoping to gain enough knowledge to make my own website soon which ill definitely put a proper list on, think of this as a rough draft.

Every Noise at Once- this site contains every music genre mapped out based on similarities. if you click on them you can listen to a little preview or look at different artists from that genre. its a great time waster and brilliant way to discover new music.

HOME ( a podcast where some cool guy interviews celebrities on their favourite songs from 90s-2000s indie musician elliott smith. and if you dont currently listen to elliott WHATS A BETTER PLACE TO START!?!?!?

Select Magazine Scans | A website dedicated to the 90s music magazine Select ( select magazine is a music magazine from the 90s which unfortunately ended in the early 2000s. i definitely recommend having a scroll through at some point as its got some great interviews and articles on some great musicians. (+the 90s is 1000% the best decade for music, no i will not debate this)

Yesterlinks Directory ( yesterweb is a great community and this is a wide collection of web links better than this one. check it out, and if youre part of this community, HI!

StumblingOn- need to waste some time? or just want to aimlessly explore the web? this is perfect for you! click the stumble button and get taken to a random website on this insane internet.

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