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2022 concert recap

february 7: voluntary confinement tour (guardin, sewerperson, 93feetofsmoke)

convolk was supposed to be the third headliner for this tour, but had to pull out weeks before it started unfortunately :( the others still put on a great show though! and 93feetofsmoke was a local opener which was super cool. during his set, he came out into the crowd and was literally RIGHT in front of me. my dad (who accompanies me to most shows) thought this was very cool and ended up really getting into 93's music after this.

february 11: believe in me tour (aries, brakence)

this show was super sick! i had never seen either of these artists live before, so it was a very fun experience! i also bought HELLA merch from this show (for both my bf and i).

may 13: united_states_2022 tour (nothing nowhere, carolesdaughter, guccihighwaters, snarls)

my dad was meant to go to this show with me, but he got sick, so i found a friend last minute who was willing to go! we had such a great time. poorstacy was also on the lineup, but he couldn't make it for some reason that night. i wasn't too upset over it though, as i was most unfamiliar with his music, and that also meant the show didn't run as late. i ended up really enjoying snarls and carolesdaughter! i bought some snarls merch after the show and actually got to meet and get a photo with chlo! i also started hyperfixating on carolesdaughter's music after seeing her perform the songs live. i was also super ecstatis to finally see nothing nowhere! i was supposed to go to his show in may 2020, but as we all know, covid put a long pause on the concert scene.

july 12: the summer dream tour (guardin, grayscale, bearings, the ivy)

this show was a lot of fun up until the end, which i will elaborate on in a moment. this was my third time seeing guardin, and it's always a pleasure watching him perform. i also found some great music from the other bands! however, during the last set (grayscale) there was one "mosher" (i don't even want to call him that because most moshers have some sort of respect for others) decided to full on football style tackle me into the soundbooth behind me. this was very unexpected as i was already as far back from the stage as you can get in that section, purposefully trying to avoid the pit. luckily, just before this set started, i had purchased a sweater from one of the merch stands and had put it in my mini backpack, which heavily cushioned my back as it slammed into the sound booth. i ended up leaving early, in tears, and i found out later that he had done similar things to other women that night.

september 22: the icy tour (twenty one pilots, peter mcpoland)

this show was not one i had picked out unlike all the others, but it was still a good time. i was originally supposed to go with my younger sister, as the tickets were christmas presents from our parents the year prior, but she ended up being sick, so i went with my dad again. since the headliner was much more popular than the others i usually see, we were in a much bigger venue and had nosebleeds. this meant i was sitting for most of the show, as people in the nosebleeds aren't typically standing and dancing around. however, it was actually nice to not have to stand for an entire show.

december 11: the trinity of terror tour (ice nine kills, motionless in white, black veil brides, atreyu)

my sister and dad both went to this one with me as they are even bigger fans of these bands that i am! this was my younger sister's first ever concert, and she had an absolute blast. this was in the same venue as the previous show, however it's in a much more condensed form. we arrived about 10-15 minutes later, only to find out our section had been closed off (a certain 300 level). we were meant to get upgraded to 200 level seats, but since we arrived later, they were all out and we ended up getting 100 level seats! this was very exciting for all of us. we had such a good time, and ice nine kills put on a KILLER show.

december 12: 2022 tour (wicca phase springs eternal, fish narc, sophie powers, extra large holiday card)

my absolute last show of the year. i did not even know i was going to go to this until about a week before. extra large holiday card had put out an EP just days before i bought tickets, and it has been my favorite project ever since i heard it. he had collabed with some of my other favorite artists previously, but i had never checked out his solo work. after i bought tickets, i found out fats'e would be his dj and they would perform some of their songs together during the show, which was super exciting! i made sure to get their early enough to be at the very front for his set, which was up first. i had never been that close to a stage during someone's set before. it was so cool! i also got to get photos with so many artists (some of which were not there to perform, but live locally and came out to support their friends). i got photos with fats'e, extra large holiday card, 93feetofsmoke, brody, and sophie powers! i also saw sadeyes, but i don't exactly like him as a person, so i decided not to get a photo with him. 93feetofsmoke's girlfriend (pastelwife) and brody actually recognized me which was super cool! 93 also approached my dad and i at the water station and just had a normal conversation with us, which my dad thought was SUPER cool. i also gave chris (xlhc) an "extra large holiday card" that i had made earlier in the day and he though it was cool. i also bought some of his merch and it was super affordable! it was only $65 for both a shirt and a hoodie. it was super cool just seeing all the artists hanging out in the crowd with the rest of us. at the end of wicca's set, he played a song he had done with lil peep and had the crowd help with peep's parts. it was very touching. this was by far my favorite concert of all time.

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