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hear ye...hear ye...

After learning the secret handshake, wearing a fez and doing the Hucklebuck...

Bassist Brian Smith will be performing on the next album, as well as future live shows! Yes, he plays in the band Attacker, along with Mike Sabatini (who started that band in the early 80s!) So I have two members of Attacker next to me. They still have their own band, no worries there. But they will both feature prominently on my ninth album!

Had rehearsal today as a true power trio, and aside from us being handsome, we totally CRANKED! Brian learned the three songs so far, and I had no doubt he would cut the mustard. I am very pleased with everything. A few more songs to go, and then we can record soon. Hoping for a Summer 2023 release but see what the universe says.

There's also talk of this trio playing festivals in 2023, so again, whatever happens happens.

I need a nap now!

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