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12/16/2022 :))


i got out of school like 5 hours ago and went 2 the dentist 2 hours ago

today was really fun!!! during p.e today we didnt do anything and i just drew with them inside the gym

then during social studies i just watched my phone

in science we watched frosty the snowman and the teacher just let us do whatever as long as we didnt get loud

i just drew a bit and then watched my friend play splatoon 3 :> we also got a piece of candy!! X))

after, i went 2 english and we watched the movie elf but we didnt get 2 finish it 

then i went 2 art got abunch of the things i did these few months and then i went2 math and re-did a test cause i got a B last time

ANYWAYYSS, thatz all!! i cant wait 4 christmas ^-^ now that im in winter break!! hope yall have great holidays!! see ya later alligatorss XDD

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