2000s themed Phone (plz help with ideas)

  Im getting a new phone and im going to theme it around the early 2000s. I already have some ringtones selected but I need some color palettes and phone charm ideas. I also already have a case that fits the theme.

  I was born in 02 so there are some things i remember but i was little then so could use some help please.

Any Ideas would be helpful!!!

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U talking scene or da usual stuff u'd see in da early 2000s?
either one i haves ideas 4 but it dependz :3

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Right now its pretty normal 2000s but scene stuff would be cool too. Im never one to turn down anything scene, emo, or alt in any way.

by Corvus Lux; ; Report

Something relating 2 early 2000s cartoonz like a sticker or somethin
LOTSSS of bright colors, dis is da 2000 after all
and if u want a keychain put one of those silly bandz on it w/ some of da most tacky stuff u can find lol
those r all meh ideas lol X3

by xXxToasted_TreasurexXx; ; Report

Amazing Ideas!!! Thankyou!!!! So far for I only have the 2D character from Lizzy Maguire for cartoon type stuff, though I want to do Billy and Mandy stickers aswell and stuff like maybe Danny Phantom (Unfortunately though that character has kinda been ruined for me because the creator of him is a garbage human).

I also really want a Reptar sticker as well.

I definitely need to get some silly bands, though i do have loom bands and kandi phone charms I made. I also have a tomagachi that I need to get a new battery for that will be a phone charm. I also have all the bedazzled, sparkles and glitter you could ask for!!! But I can still add some more bright colors too!

by Corvus Lux; ; Report