Wednesday 14th December 2022

It's the second to last proper day of school!

Biology was a word-search, but without the list of words. All we had to go off of was that there were 12 biology words and 2 Christmas words. Eventually we all figured them all out. Eventually. There was also this anagram thing where there was a really long scientific word on the board and you had to create as many words as you can with the letters. 

Dance was preforming the pieces we've been working one for the past 2 lessons. You could choose the group and music but you had to pick a theme from one of 5. I picked "something you can sit/lie on" and me being unoriginal: I picked a chair. I was also doing a solo as I hate working in groups and people hate working with me. When I was rehearsing, I realised that my dance piece sucked and was mainly just me flinging my arms around the place. Especially when the others started to preform their pieces one by one. Everyone else in my class was all elegant and smooth. I was about as smooth as a 12 year old's first MMD video. But I realised I would regret it if I didn't preform; so I did. I danced to "Around the world" by Daft Punk and at one point I started to orbit the chair like I was going around the world. Although towards the end I forgot what I was doing and just awkwardly stood there for a bar. 

Computer Science was cryptography stuff...but Christmas. Whoever made the slide though gave part of the answers away with the alt text for the pictures.

History was History. And also the only subject to give my holiday homework.

At lunch not only did I get an extra piece of garlic bread; but I also got an extra cookie too! I was looking through the tray where the cookies are usually kept while I was paying for my food and the cashier asked if I was looking for something. After I realised that there wasn't any cookies left, I asked for one. She gave me 2 for the price of 1. And no, I did not share it or save it for later (even though I should have) I scoffed them both right then and there and didn't mention it to anybody. Except now.

Maths was surds or something idk.

English wasn't reading (thank god) it was drawing a storyboard for act 2 of Macbeth. I like drawing so I made this storyboard look like some kind of low budget web comic.

After school mum drove me to my brother's school as he had art club on. I was pretty happy as I had my mobile data and scott the woz youtube videos. When I got home, I grabbed this old windows 8 tablet and tried to install kubuntu on it. My brother asked for a laptop on his Christmas list and I knew my parents wouldn't fork out the money for an iPad kid like him. I didn't get very far though as I couldn't get to the boot menu screen. I tried again with my old laptop. I had the USB installer stick pre burned from when I installed kubuntu onto this very computer. It worked and my brother awkwardly hung around in my room as it was installing. I then moved it into his room and I had a shower. After that I want into his room to see him playing roblox at 2fps with the memory at 97%. I said I'll get the CPU upgraded and he just continued to play roblox on his phone (which isn't actually his phone, it's dad's phone.) Weird, considering his phone has roughly the same specs as the laptop.

Then I walked out of his room and went to my room to type this out.

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