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There is much debate among doctors whether the appendix as an organ has any useful function at all. Consider removing yours to save space in the abdominal cavity.

One of the main differences between introverts and

extroverts, is that extroverts get their energy from

hanging out with other people,

whereas introverts...aren't mentally ill.

Now, if you're looking to get an introvert,you can either adopt a baby one,

known as a "Shylet"

Or rescue an adult from an introvert shelter.

Generally referred to as a "Library".

On arriving home, show your new introvert the location sof the litter tray, the feeding bowl,

and any windows it can jump out of in case the doorbell rings.

A pair of introverts is called an "Awkward"

A group of introverts is called an "Angst"

They are generally never found together in the wild

except by accident

in which case they will apologize for making eye-contact, nod politely, then run screaming in opposite directions.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts don't dislike human company

They just utterly despise it

Interaction with introverts can be problematic

A typical conversation might run:

Extrovert: Hi

Introvert: Helloooo

Extrovert: How's it going?

Introvert: Yes.

Introvert: (F**k!)


Introvert: Haha, how about that much anticipated sports match last night eh?

Extrovert: What?

Introvert: FU...!

Introvert: Stuff over here to do a bit now, better runaroo

Extrovert: What?

Introvert: Mmmnnnnnnne-eeeeaaaaaaaa

Extrovert: What?

Introvert: F**k...!

Introversion itself probably results from a genetic mutation

In fact, introvert DNA is oriented in parallel lines,

As the two chains are too embarrassed to twist around on each other.

This leads to an enlarged "Sorrybellum"

and a malformed "Anxietal Lobe".

However, introverts make for excellent fighting animals.

They will level up from Occasional Reader, to Social Hermit,

then with enough experience evolve into their final form, Professional EVE: Online Player.

The introvert class comes with a low-maintenance cost,

but extremely high embarrassment risk.

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this is an exquisite post indeed umu

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I actually got appendicitis when i was a kid, i got my appendix removed really, i can confirm the only function of an appendix is just getting you sick lol.

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Inspector Lee

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thank you

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Did I get lost in the... owners manual? Perhaps. Was the white text on the yellow background difficult to read? MAYBE... but I still enjoyed it 10/10

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