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A little About me!!

Today i just decided to be more online in this thing so i thought 
-Maybe i need to do like a presentation or something like that LOL soo yeahhh

Talking about me bc im cool 

and swag and cool!!!

 (Guys help i tried to put photos in this thing but i don't know how)

Name!! Well i'm not going to say my real Name but u all can call me Viktor or Whisp!! 

Age!! I'm 17 and i'm a Cancer if u can guess when my birthday is i'll give u a kiss in the forehead!!

Country!! Argentina, el mejor país carajo






-Pretty boys♡

-CyberPunk Aesthetic

-Videogames♡ (Valorant, Danganronpa, OSU, Starry Flowers)


-Retro Aesthetic♡


-Lofi Hip-Hop♡








-Mostly of the Genshin Fans

-Weird ppl in general LOL

Special interests!!!! (I'm Austistic)

This things are literally my life

-Be More Chill

-Anything Space related makes me crazy in a /Pos way

-Danganronpa Lore

-Creepypastas (my fav is Slenderman, i know it sounds basic but i love it with all my life /srs)

Random things!!

-I want to be a Vtuber, and an Animator, and a videogame developter, and singer and, and so much thing but for now i'm studying Animation in college...well not now but in 2023 yesss

-I'm single

-I have a Guinea Pig called, he has so much names soo we just call him "El Bichy"

-I just created a SpaceHey account bc i feel like the internet is the only place i can be myself

-I'm a Depression "survivor", im not out of it on the 100% bc i think that's impossible but i think in a scale of 100/100 my depression is in a 20/100 and i think that's rlly good

Well that's all 


-<?>WhisperBoy is out...

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