this is a day late and i’m sorry.

I woke up around 10:10AM (I fell asleep around 2:00AM) and got ready to leave. My dad arrived at 10:30AM and me, my sibling and him drove to his house. The drive was fun because it was super frosty so everything was gorgeous. 

We arrived at his house and watched random youtube stuff, I thought we weren’t gonna go out since i was so i’ll.

But then it started snowing. And it was super heavy so my, sibling, my dad and I went to go check it out. We ended up going down to field and just kind of messing around.

It was getting pretty hard and icy when we got back to my dad’s house so he started worrying about how me and my sibling would get back home. We decided it would be best to get the train.

The wall down to the train station was absolute hell, all the snow turned to ice and it was getting dark. I slipped so much and I could barely walk since my leg started shaking so much. 

When we got to the station, my sibling and I got our tickets. And then, our train was cancelled.

So we had to walk back to my dads house so he could tell his girlfriend that he was driving us home and then walk to his car.

After that, I just stayed in my room.

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