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"positive reinforcement"

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all of my fish dropped, eh more like floated, dead yesterday. i miss them dearly. they left me this note.
"positive reinforcement"

I heard recently that a lady died from drinking a fanta whose top was tainted by a mixture of rat piss, sawdust, and holiday spice. What a legacy you’ve left behind mam. Death by Fanta. I’ll bet she was fucking shocked by those amazing turn of events. I mean really? Work out, eat right, and then bam! A fanta! Those things are supposed to be fucking refreshing. Somethings gotta give. Oh and by the way, Irving “magic” Johnson is currently living hiv negative. What kind of god allows something like that? Fuck you Africa, you need at least 2 nba championships under your belt before I even consider giving you a miracle cure. Continue to pray for bags of rice, there’s no way any of you will ever be able to afford this cocktail. Is this the world we live in? full of poison fantas and a lakers fanatic pulling the strings? Shit if its gonna be that kind of party, Im gonna drink 40oz of liquid plummer.

-F.T. WillZ 08

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