really wanna watch invader zim but can't. . .

it's locked behind a bunch of premium streaming services (and paramount plus) none of which i HAVE

is the invader zim movie from 2019 good. . . ill be honest i didnt watch that but im thinking about it now 

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You can also use or if Kimcartoon doesn't work for you. Make sure you always have an AdBlock & antivirus when you pirate btw!!! Use a VPN too depending on ur state or country

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i have the rest but sadly i dont have a VPN as they cost moneyyyyyyyyyy

by Kat On Broadway; ; Report

avast one is a free antivirus for windows it comes w/ a free vpn, its limited but it works yaknow? I only really use it all the time though, so its not a big deal if you dont have one

by CJ; ; Report


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u can watch invader zim here , just download Ublock origin and youre ready to go

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u r .,,.,.,.,. so kind ty

by Kat On Broadway; ; Report

np! i like sharing my internet links and piracy stuff with everyone :3

by Sabrina; ; Report