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Need New Mutuals!!


I'm Ryatt & I'm looking for new mutualz <33

I'm 18, Taken, and Im obsessed with Hello Kitty.

Some of my favorite characters are Princess Peach, Princess Rosalina, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Hello Kitty, Melody, Kuromi, Kerropi, Badmitzaru, Monkichi, Steven Universe, Peridot, Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz, Garnet, Ralsei, Keqing, Sucrose, Lumine, Paimon, Tracer, D-Va, Mercy, & Kokichi :00

I really Enjoy McDonalds.

I am a huge vocaloid fanatic (ask me almost anything ab it and I swear I'll go on ab it for hours)

Im an artist and I love to draw NSFW art when I get the chance!! I do commissions for reasonable prices and I'm always down for negotiations. I also like to use Neons & Pastel color pallettes!!

I'm really into anything 2000's-esque. Like the y2k styles and scene styles are super super cool and I really wish I was a teenager in those times bc oml<33

I have an instagram, @ryc0rd and I may start going live and posting more of my art stuff there but Im not entirely sure yet :))

And last but not least, My favorite games!!! I love OW2, Genshin Impact, God Of War, Minecraft, COD Mobile, Roblox, Undertale, Deltarune, Sky: Children of the Light, Animal Crossing, Bayonetta, & Mario Kart :DDD

If you have a majority of these interests then follow my instagram and talk to me cuz omg!!! <33

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