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I'm not good at introductions but my name is Clyde and I'm a new business owner, founded my clothing/lifestyle brand Below-Culture LLC (or Low-Cult for short) almost exactly a year ago. One of my biggest sources of inspiration for the overall "aesthetic" I'm trying to shoot for has been retro internet, specifically MySpace, so I felt it was only natural to find my way on here to network. It's been steadily successful but my biggest issue has been getting a solid reach in other cities/states. I hope to expand into a full-fledged website to explore and make a community of my own but for now it's just merchandise

you can check out my web-store here 

Aside from just trying to advertise for sales I really do wish to inspire others to start their own brand or involve themselves with mine, as I'm always in need of help from others close and far. And I really am looking to make more friends in this sort of work as I'm self-taught and just been making things up as I go along, and haven't been unsuccessful as of yet.

Thank you for the time to read this, and remember to help your kids get the WORST out of life!

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