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The Perspective of a Dead Jellyfish. [December 9th]

December 9th, 2022.


I would like to take the time and start this post in honor of somebody named Asher. Now, I am new to this site, I have never talked to Asher before nor have I known him. But early this morning I had received the news he had passed away at just 14. 

I do not know the causes, but I want this post to serve as a reminder for everybody that life and the time you are given, is limited. So it is of most importance that you try and assure yourself you are loved at any moment.

I have almost died before, It served myself as a reminder that I am cared for by my friends and family. As I recovered the following weeks after the 'incident'. I had realized, not everybody has that. And as I get older, and mature and lose my friends, I want whoever is reading this to remember love is far surpassing of just people. Love is interconnection, a network of veins along the heart line, and jugulars. That love is everything and anything at the same time. 

To explain, I'd like to take my boyfriend as an example. We are currently in a long distance relationship, as both our living situations are complicated, it makes it hard for us to communicate our love as our love languages are neither through words. Constantly, he will share his woes he cannot kiss me, (to which, I love.) but yet, he forgets my love is extended to his cats.

I remind him that if he kisses his cat's bellies, I will feel it too. The southern air will warm and blow towards my town in spring, that's when I will feel the kisses, if not sooner. 

You can extend love through others, without a second person too, ask mother nature for hugs and kisses and she will oblige, or even hugging a stuffed animal, pillow, maybe even a lamp, close. It will love you back, as that is where you have extended your love.

But the most powerful extension is in the mirror, as when you love a mirror, it will love you too, without judgement or anger, as it is just reflecting what it thinks you see. 

Love is there, please try and remember that before you die.

As I extend love to you all reading this post, I love you. 

If you can, please extend condolences on Asher's account, and may you all, feel my love extending to you today as well. I will try to find and write his account. May he rest in peace and feel the love in the afterlife. 


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