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Eliza Cuts.. And all the DEETS ( MASTERDOC )

Eliza Cuts was a fan of MCR for quite a long time, she was also a part of the music scene and did a lot of hair styling for multiple band members at the time. I’m not fully aware of when exactly or where exactly she began ( but that’s not the important stuff ). Anyways, one day she styled Gerard’s hair, and actually traded e-mails with him and within a little while she was invited to tour with them as their hair and makeup stylist. There are several photos of them together during a tour as seen here: 

Eliza Cuts immediately became somewhat of an infamous figure within the MCR fandom at the time. There were people who didn’t mind her, and people who despised her! She was apart of a group called “worlds most hated crew” ( that ironically featured both hey chris and alicia simmons LOL! Though.. I’ll speak about alicia another time..). Anyways, this group of people were quite influential for being absolutely despised by rock fans, and eliza was no exception. 

The timeline gets super muddy, but here’s my best attempt to reconstruct it using the wayback machine, posts and photos..


Gerard and Eliza met sometime after Gerard and his ex-girlfriend Kat broke up ( this will be brought up later again.. ) during the recording of Black Parade. It was actually the recording of Famous Last Words that inspired Gerard to leave his relationship with Kat, although it’s not clear how long ( some people rumor like.. 2 days ) he waited until he got with Eliza. 

Eventually, there are more posts of them together and more speculation around the idea that they are dating. Mikey firmly denies this on his MySpace, writing “Eliza Siep has never dated a member of My Chemical Romance! She’s one of my best friends in the entire world and the best damn hair stylist ever.” ( Way 2006 ). 

She starts to get really close with Gerard and they begin chatting online almost daily since they’ve met, overall just getting fairly close. Eventually, it was clear that they were dating despite vehement screeching from Mikey ( sorry Mikes ). 

Pictures of them circulated as well as long time fans seeing her go on tour with the band, get close with Gerard etc. caused a flood of hate to spew out of their mouths on message boards, although most notably onto where people were actively wishing her dead. Although it was in 2007 that the world would implode as Gerard and Eliza were engaged! ( people rumored that she faked a pregnancy to get him to accept the proposal there’s no fact to that! But just an interesting tidbit.. And with what Frank said.. Oh.. oh you don’t know about that yet.. ) 

Now.. You may be asking, kind reader, what did she do to deserve this crazy spew of nonsense?! I mean death threats!? For dating a guy!? Crazy! And to you, my dear reader, I’m sorry but this is kind of a double edged sword. 

Eliza was obsessed with Gerard and it was made clear through attempts to stay with him even after he wanted to cut contact, although Gerard's definition of cutting contact was not interacting with her in person but continuing to chat with her nightly. 

Gerard eventually cut ties with Eliza, reports saying he was much happier without her, although it wasn’t without pulling teeth though.. It was pre-pro rev ( so before Gerard met Lyn-Z ) and they were gearing up during the winter ( there’s a video of Gerard and MSI putting up a Christmas tree together ) when ( presumably ) the breakup between Eliza and Gerard occurred.

How does Mikey Way tie into this?

Mikey Way, as we ALL know, had a very rough time during the recording of the Black Parade. He relapsed into addiction and was fighting many demons during the production of the album, until he was inevitably admitted to rehab. Mikey described Eliza as his best friend in 2006, so far before any of the real drama began with Gerard and they were just friends, although it’s what happened after they broke up. Eliza was always close with Mikey and Mikey was close with Alicia, in fact they were engaged at this point. Mikey was even close with HeyChris! So, they were a tightly interlinked circle of friends. ( here is a video of them at Pinkberry )

Although, after everything that happened Eliza stayed to be there for Mikey, presumably out of the goodness of being his friend, but that would be WAY too optimistic for Eliza. Instead she stayed in contact with Mikey, ultimately using his facet of friendship to get close to Gerard again. In this time, post breakup, Eliza also released a fanfiction called “Commit Me Already” ( which you can read here ) in which she details a relationship between a stylist and the lead singer of a band called Black Pajama Party ( real subtle Eliza ). 

It’s only in this fanfic can people really see just how INSANE she was. She implied she was abused by Gerard, implied Gerard had cheated on Kat with her.. Etc. While she’s technically protected under the laws of fiction, it’s so obvious that she was writing about her and Gerard’s relationship. It’s so obvious the characters “Emma” and “Paul” are supposed to be Gerard and her, and if you can get past the HORRID writing I’m sure you could see that. 

Although suspicions were finally concretely solidified of this justified hate against Eliza on June 4th 2007, when an anonymous member ( presumed to be Frank Iero because of their proximity to the band, protectiveness of the band and knowledge of fan sites ) made a post about Eliza and her actions, finally at their wits end. 

“Hi I felt I had to write to you guys to allay some of your fears regarding the rumours and speculation surrounding Gerard and Eliza and the future of the band.

This is the only time I will ever post. I will not be able to respond to your comments or enter into discussion or debate on what I’m about to say.

We are aware that this is one of the most popular message boards for MCR fans and we know you guys are the most dedicated and loyal fans in the world. It saddens me to see such division amongst the fans over one woman. If it’s any consolation, you guys are not the only ones affected. She is merely tolerated by both band and crew. Believe me, nothing anyone can say will change his mind. She’s been the cause of numerous conflicts and while we dont have to like it, we have to accept it, at least for the forseeable future.

From day one this woman has had a hidden agenda - her manipulation knows no bounds. Some of you may find this difficult to believe but I assure you I have personally witnessed the two sides of this woman. Her so-called ‘good deeds’ are nothing more than PR exercises for his benefit. But he does not see what goes on behind closed doors. We have tried to draw his attention to her blatant self-promotion and diva demands. This is a prime example of love being blind. His feelings for her do run very deep. Her feelings for him, however, are questionable at best. Many people believe, including myself, that he is being used as nothing more than a stepping stone. It’s disheartening to see someone you care about and have worked with for a very long time change as a person, becoming more detached and causing the group dynamic to change as a result. There have been conflicts and differences of opinions and compromises have had to be made She does not accompany the band on the European legs of the tour. Since being on this current European leg, he seems much happier which suggest she doesnt make him as happy as he thinks.

Despite being asked more than once to remain discreet, she blatantly disregards his wish to keep his personal life private by continually fuelling the internet hype. The band has always been about the music and the fans. This will not change. MCR have never endorsed any type of clique as it encourages and promotes the kind of high school mentality that MCR have always fought against. Your continued support is appreciated and rest assured this woman will have no adverse affect on the band and the music. 

For obvious reasons I am remaining anonymous. Eliza, we know you trawl these message boards and you probably know who I am - but I’d like to see you try and prove it!!!” ( 2007 )

People like to think it’s Frank, personally I believe it is Frank. Considering the time period, motivations and the status of the band, it makes sense he would be barking like a rabid dog because some girl launched two huge parts of their band into the mud, dragging Gerard’s name and using Mikey. People also think it’s Brian though!

So that’s it :P Yeah.. so the whole Eliza story is freaking crazy, and honestly ( hate to be this bitch ) but makes my Frerard truther bone tingle because of all the 2006-2007 Frerard shenanigans that were going on. Anyways this was a lot of fun, and perhaps kind of eclectic?! I don’t know I’ve never seen anyone compile a WHOLE masterdoc about the issues including the crew, mikey, gee, june 4th and the fanfic… SOOO yeah :D I told you I’d do this again XD

If i missed anything put it in da comments !!


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Kat On Broadway

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i had never heard of any of this drama before and my jaw was ON THE FLOOR on the fanfiction part? thats really weird behavior??? this is wild ty for compiling it

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i had no idea about her or her existence until i just read this and WOWWW that's honestly so crazy. THE FANFIC CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD, that is so weird; but it's really interesting seeing how far some people go

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