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The Perspective of a Dead Jellyfish. [December 8th]

[December 8th, 2022]


Good morning! As the clouds roll out of their sleep, and the sun rubs its tired eyes, I’d like to take a moment and try to remind everyone of their affirmations.

Affirmations are far more than what meets the eye, as some days may be harder than others to be able to recollect what your graces are. Some days, you can be grateful for a myriad of things, others? Not so much. 

So take a moment to sit down and reflect.

Unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, and focus for a moment.

I invite you to even get a piece of paper, write your thanks down on paper, then tear it up and recycle the paper so the thoughts can settle in your mind. 

If you need help? You can read some of mine. :)


I’m thankful for my legs, they may be tired but they carry me places.

I’m grateful for my strength, I am a very determined and strong person.

I’m grateful for having food on the dinner table every night, even if cash gets tight my parents try their very best.

I’m thankful for my ability to smile, it shows others my happiness and gratitude. 

I’m thankful that I got my English paper done yesterday 

I’m thankful I’m trying to be more gentle on myself

I’m grateful that we have breakfast sandwich at school today!! I just realized that I gotta get going omg

Update: I went to school and got the breakfast sandwich

I’m grateful for the gifts my friends gave me when I arrived! 

I am thankful for my friends :) they help me when I am feeling depressed 

I am thankful for my creative writing class, the teacher understands me and it feels like a good outlet 

I am grateful for my body, I love my chubby tummy, and my small hands and arms, I like how my blue eyes sparkle in the sun and how my freckles shine in the skin 

I am thankful for Mother Nature the goddess, and how forgiving she is in her fertility and healing 

I am grateful for the closeness I feel with the misunderstood and dead, how they float freely, free of inhibitions, I am sure when I die, I will become one with Jellyfish.

And I especially, am grateful for being alive, I wouldn’t experience these things without being here, and that’s important.


Remember, when you make your lists, you don’t have to be similar to mine, you can have a big or little list. But even on the days where you can find anything at all? That is okay too. Good luck gooseberries. <3


Light Blue Jellyfish swimming in the water, iridescent and slightly see through.

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